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painting sponge kit

painting sponge kit is a type of mold that is designed and made for building painting. These small wall painting sponge kits can give your interior decoration a different and beautiful design. They have very creative and unique designs.

These wall painting sponge kits are made of polyester sponge, which absorbs color. This package contains two main sponge kits with a thickness of 17 cm and supplementary sponge kits with a thickness of 6 cm. It is also reusable. In addition to building painting, this tool is also widely used in patina work.
Items needed:

Design stamp
paint roller
paint tray
Color as needed
Latex or plastic washcloth
Water and cleaning cloth

painting sponge kit

How to use:

First, do all the work related to plastering, sanding, and cleaning the desired surface.
After that, transfer the desired color to the stamp using a foam roller. Now put the stamp on the desired surface with proper pressure.