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What is a patterned roller?
The patterned roller has been used by the public since a hundred years ago as an alternative to wallpaper because patterned rollers are generally used to give life to dull walls.

Tools needed to work with these rollers:
1. Handle with tank or foam handle
2. Small or large paint tray (to use foam handle)
3. Water based paint
4. Gloves if needed

Advantages of using patterned rollers:
1. It is easier to work with patterned rollers
2. They have high diversity
3. They cost less than wallpaper
4. They are reusable
5. They are easily replaced
6. They cover a larger area of ​​work in less time
7. Access to remote areas
8. You don’t need special knowledge and skills to work with patterned roller

Working with these rollers:

After you have prepared and cleaned the desired surface, first put the patterned roller into the paint tray so that the roller is completely covered with paint. After the roller is completely immersed in the paint and penetrates it, apply it to the desired surface. You need to move the handle slowly from top to bottom with gentle pressure.

patterned roller
patterned roller