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dragging brush wall
dragging brush wall

Dragging brush wall is a patina tool. This brush is suitable for patina work and aging on the desired surfaces. With this brush, you can create decorative effects on textured pastes, microcements, decorative paints, soft plaster, etc.

It is considered a useful and necessary tool for finishing work. One of the effective factors in creating texture with this tool is the percentage of roughness, density, and hardness.

The high-quality and durable material of this tool is one of the distinctive features of this product. Decorative and artistic painting, which is known as patina and includes painting on various surfaces such as:

The work of patina work is on the wall, on glass, and on pottery because Patina work is a part of decorative art, and decorative is an art that is within the scope of making all kinds of decorative objects.
Patina’s work has a very wide range. Patina tools are the same all over the world, and what makes them different is their execution technique.
dragging brush wall
Patina work is the art of beautifying objects. Therefore, you can use the patina tool, which is not a very complicated tool, to give those home appliances that are old, a beautiful look with the art of patina and aging, and enjoy using them.
Tools used:

1. different types of brushes
2. handkerchiefs
3. different kinds of sponges
4. coarse or soft sandpapers
5. gloves
6. different types of spatulas
7. types of patterned stamps
8. different types of cutting brushes
9. different types of dragging brush wall