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Almost all the paints that are placed in the building construction process are considered building paints.
How many categories does building painting have?
Building paints are divided into different categories according to their composition, application, and place of use. Plastic, acrylic, and oil paints are the three main categories of construction paints.
Plastic paints :
Plastic paints are one of the oldest building paints because this type of paint is water-based and waterproof is its special feature.
This paint can be applied to all types of surfaces such as walls, ceilings, and even wood.
Compared to other types of paints, it is affordable and cheaper, it does not stain, it has a high variety and it offers a smooth and uniform surface.
Oil :
This type of paint is waterproof and divided into three categories: glossy, semi-glossy, and matte. Provides a smooth and polished surface. It is moisture-proof and stain-resistant.
It has a pungent smell while painting and dries later.
Acrylic ones:
One of the most popular and newest construction paints is acrylic paint as this paint is based on acrylic resin.
It has no pungent smell.
It is water-based and provides a strong, sticky, and resistant structure.
It dries quickly so acrylic paints are used on a variety of surfaces such as interiors, facades, corridors, plaster, concrete, cement, etc.