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Telescopic handle

Telescopic handles in GSB company are produced in metal and aluminum and different sizes.

This product includes two telescopic pieces and tools such as painting rollers, foam handles, and tank handles are easily connected to this product.

The plastic parts of this telescopic handle are made of newly colored plastic and the body is made of first-grade aluminum. Therefore, this product is very lightweight and does not tire the hand while working, and it makes the performer able to provide more work in less time preserve his energy, and get less tired.

In addition to all these features, this handle does not rust and has a long life.

Finally, this tool is designed for surfaces such as high walls and ceilings and is a suitable alternative to ladders, greatly reducing the risk of work.

In constructing its metal type, iron imported from Turkey and painted by electrostatic method is used, and its aluminum type is made of first-class material. The plastic handle is made of first-class materials.