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hand grip sander

A hand grip sander is a type of paper plate in which hard materials are used and glued to it.

The sandpaper holder has the task of keeping the sandpaper in itself and avoiding wasting a lot of energy on sanding work.

This tool can be used for different types of surfaces such as metal, plaster, kenaf, MDF wood, and even ceramic and plastered surfaces.

Artin’s large hand grip sander is made of compressed plastic, which greatly reduces the weight of the sander and increases the quality of work due to its rigidity.

In its bottom part, that is, the part where the sanding sheet is placed, a type of foam is attached to it, which keeps the sanding sheet in itself and prevents it from coming out.

GSB company is a producer and importer of all kinds of sanders. These sanders have different types in terms of shape, size, and function. They are also divided into two mobile and fixed models.