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Patterned fabric roller
Patterned fabric roller

The GSB patterned fabric roller is used in petticoat work. This roller is made of synthetic leather, natural, and some kind of fabric. This roller has a variety of designs that open the hand of the painter to present creative works.

Tools needed to work with these rollers:

leather design roller,

plastic gloves,

Acrylic or plastic paint

Patterned fabric roller


First, prepare the desired surface for work

Then paint the first color on the surface and wait a day for the color to dry completely, and then apply the second color again, which should be different from the first color.

After that, move the leather roller over the surface. What this roller does is reveal the first color and create a pattern on the desired surface with the second color.

One tip: Note that to remove the excess paint collected on the patterned roller, you can drag it on the surface of a paper or a cloth.