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Patterned paint roller EG

Patterned paint roller EG, which is made of compressed plastic or silicone, is 7-inch size in size. This roller is for water-based paints such as acrylic and plastic.

Patterned paint roller EG

Many friends might have difficulty installing wallpaper, which is not worth it; Because we offer a product, not only its quality is higher than wallpaper, but it is much cheaper, easier, and faster than wallpaper.

Necessary tools for painting with a 7-inch patterned roll EG32:

1. Patterned roller in your desired designs
2. Handle and foam
3. color tray (for foam handle)
4. The right color and accessories
5. Latex or plastic gloves

1. First of all, before starting work, wash the rollers thoroughly and carefully, because there may be particles and dust on them, then wait for them to dry.

2. Mix the desired colors and when it is completely diluted, pour it into the paint tray.

3. After that, we paint the paint roller a little inside the tray and then transfer the paint to the grooved part of the tray so that the paint reaches the roller completely.

4. Move the paint roller back and forth a few times to remove excess paint.

5. Be careful that you put a certain amount of paint into the tank roller in proportion to the amount of work

6. After you put the paint in the tank, rotate the tank roller a few times to coat the roller with paint.

7. Then put the patterned roller in the handle and rotate the tank roller again so that the patterned roller is also coated with paint.

8. Move the roller in a zigzag pattern with light pressure to have a uniform coverage.

9. Finally, when you are done, immediately wash the roller completely.