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Texture rollers

Texture rollers with many different designs are available on the GSB website.

The texture rollers on our site are divided into three categories: 4 inches, 9 inches, and 7 inches.

Texture rollers are for texture pastes, baskets, and lime plaster.

This roller cannot be used with oil, plastic, semi-plastic, or acrylic paints.

These rollers are made of silicone and are widely used in patina work.

It has a handle.

It is very easy to work with.

It is for people who want to give their home and walls a special look and effect with outstanding and diverse designs.

Items needed:

A scraper

Soft sandpaper

cutting brush

Trowel or roller for spreading textured dough

Plastic or latex gloves

Most importantly, patterned roller

How to use:

First, you have to putty the work surface and prepare it completely

After that, spread the textured paste evenly on the desired surface

Then smooth the surface with a wet cutting pen

After that, pour the patterned roller into a container wet it completely, and then apply it on the desired surface with gentle pressure.

Finally, after finishing work, clean all the equipment that has been in contact with the texture paste with water before the texture paste dries.