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Practical tools


Practical tools on the GSB site are divided into different categories such as:

1. Telescopic handle
2. Scraper and spatula
3. Trowel
4. Construction brush
5. Paint tray
6. Hand grip sander
7. Mixer

Each of these categories has its functionality, features, and products.

In the telescopic handle group, there are two models of handles, metal, and aluminum, each of which makes it easy to work for places far from reach, such as ceilings and heights.

There are different types of scrapers and spatulas and they are also available in different sizes, each of which has its function.

In the trowel group, there are trowels such as trowel edge, trowel corner, oval, mini, etc., which also have their application and efficiency.

GSB company is an importer and producer of all kinds of sanders in their performance, shape, and size, which are divided into mobile and fixed.

Various types of construction brushes imported and produced by GSB are available that you can use for different tasks.

Paint trays are produced in two sizes, small and large, in color and black, by GSB company, which is one of the best-selling and practical products for repainting.