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construction brush
construction brush

The construction brush is one of the most used building painting tools, which will come in handy at least in one of the painting stages. Although most of the painting is done with a paint roller, your painting will not be complete without a brush.

Brushes are different in terms of size and material. The choice of brush also depends on the type of paint chosen.
Brushes are divided into the following categories according to the type of fibers:
Brushes with natural fibers: These types of brushes are often made of animal hair. At the end of these brushes, there are usually cuts and indentations that allow more paint to be placed in the brush, and when painting, the paint is drawn to the wall in the same amount.
Mixed nylon/polyester brushes:
These brushes are made of synthetic fibers so they are easy to clean and easy to work with. It is suitable for painting with latex and water-based paints. These types of brushes have high durability and stability. And they are divided into three categories: polyester and foam, and ferrule brushes.
Brushes are divided into three categories in terms of size: small, large, and medium: Size 1 to 2 inches: They are small brushes and are used to paint window frames and any other narrow places. Size 3 inches: used for painting surfaces such as doors and cabinets. 4-inch size: used for painting wider and smoother surfaces