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wall painting sponge kit

wall painting sponge kit

Material: Polyester sponge

The thickness of the large seal: is 23 cm

The thickness of the complementary seal: is 4 x 7.3 cm

Reusability: Yes

The package contains one original stamp and one supplementary stamp.
these sponge kits are textured and embossed molds used in various forms of design and building painting.
GSB big seal code CT-16 is used for home interior decoration. Covering walls, floors, and wooden or fabric decorations are good substrates for printing with a wall painting sponge kit. wall painting sponge kits can be designed like wallpaper, although at a lower cost compared to wallpaper.

Items needed:

sponge kit, paint roller, paint tray, a necessary amount of paint, latex or plastic gloves, water, and cleaning cloth.

How to use:

Wash all used equipment with water or clean it with a cleaning cloth.
• In the first step, underlay and paint the desired surface. (plaster, sanding, and then cleaning the surface)
• Then prepare your desired paint for use. (using tinting base paint and plastic or acrylic paint)
• Transfer the prepared paint to the seal with a suitable paint roller (foam or fiber). (Avoid putting a sponge kit inside the paint container)

Then place the painted wall painting decorative sponge kit repeatedly on the design surface with proper pressure.
• To get beautiful and diverse designs, you can use a combination of several sponge kits.
• To get a good design on the surface, repeat this several times on another surface to familiarize yourself with the operation of the wall painting decorative sponge kit and acquire the necessary skills.
• Please wash all equipment with water after finishing work and before the paint dries on them.